Composition, comparison and convertion tables.


Aluminium                  Comparison of Aluminium alloys


Bronze                         Comparison, specifications and use
                                      of continuous casting Bronze



Aluminum-Bronze     Comparison of Aluminium-Bronze alloys


Brass                           Comparison of Brass alloys


Copper                         Composition of : - Copper alloys

                                                                      - Copper-Aluminium alloys

                                                                      - Copper base alloys with
                                                                        little percentage of

                                                      other alloying elements

                                                    - Nickel-Copper alloys

                                                    - Zinc-Nickel-Copper alloys

                                                    - Zinc-Copper alloys  

                                                    - Zinc-Copper base alloys with

                                                      more than 4 alloying elements



                                       Comparison of : - Copper alloys

                                                                     - Beryllium-Copper alloys

                                                                     - Chromium-Copper alloys

                                                                     - Dual Tin-Copper alloys


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